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Important Notice! - IP Address Change to
The IP address for the internet paging has changed. If you use a special program or software in your business, you must program the new IP address: into your application.

If you use our computer desktop paging software, you must download the new version and configure the new IP address. . Click Here and follow the instructions on this page. The software and IP address you have previously been using will no longer work. You must delete the old program from your computer before installing the new version. Do NOT delete the address book (names.txt) as it will work with the new program.

Sharp Communication
Sharp Communication Free Online Paging Services Sharp Communication Paging Customers:
10 digits required when using these services. Area code 256 and your 7-digit LOCAL pager number without hyphens or spaces. Example: 2561234567. Do not use 800 numbers. If you do not know your local pager number that was assigned with your 800 number, call us at 256.533.2484
Send a Page from our Web Page From our Web Page
Anyone can send a page from their web browser. Pull up our web page anytime to send a page.
Desktop Paging Send a Page Directly from Your Computer
Download our FREE Windows based Desktop Direct Instant Text Messaging software to install on any computer anywhere to send a page anytime from anywhere without opening our web page. Ideal for your business, business associates, family and friends to page you.
Send E-Mail to Your Alphanumeric Pager
Your pager email address is your 10-digit local pager number
Sharp Communication, Inc.
3403 Governors Drive
Huntsville, AL 35805
8am - 5pm Mon-Fri
The internet is a global network and may experience outage and delays. Senders should be aware that time critical messages should be sent by a more reliable means. Sharp Communication, Inc. will not be liable for any failure or delay in performance in whole or in part to any cause beyond their control. This includes any communication, technical, software or coverage problems relating to delivery of service. If you have an 800 #, even though your local number is being used, it is tied to the 800# and any overcalls will be billed at your standard rate.
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